JA2045Q1551LM UR496 E505 E514 JA1594H1064LN UR532 JA1089Q541LN E550 E559
E488 E497 E506 E515 E524 E533 E542 E551 UR560
UR489 E498 E507 UR516 E525 E534 UR543 UR552 E561
E490 JA1005Q499SU UR508 UR517 E526 E535 E544 E553 UR562
JA2056X1563XM E500 JA1583H1072XA E518 E527 UR536 E545 UR554 JA1128H563XU
E492 E501 UR510 E519 E528 E537 E546 UR555 E564
E493 E502 E511 UR520 E529 E538 JA1101X547SH E556 E565
E494 JA2086S1581SU E512 JA1601H1078SH E530 E539 JA1107Q557SA JA1116Q557SX E566
E495 JA513W0KM E513 JA531Q0SA JA540S0ZX JA549X0SA JA558H0SN JA567H0KW UR567

Origin Initiative Commenced on: 2nd February 2012
The satellite Enlil was placed in geostationary orbit above: 52.4675°N 3.7828°W
Directly where the object known as 19980 clashed with the Corcas satellite called The Breadth of God (both have vanished).