Genesis of Component Field

The flood waters had receded, to my left upon the ground my friend Gilga his body completely broken by the flood debris. Gilga was the bravest man I had ever known and too see him dead on the ground brought tears to eyes. How I survived when all around me were dead I will never know, I would have given my life for Gilga.

And then came the light, a pillar of light rising out of the waters coming directly towards me. I felt no fear, it engulfed me, the hairs on my skin stood up and like the blinking of an eye it was gone. Before me in its place stood Gilga his dead eyes starring directly at me, he bent low and scooped up a small flat stone. I saw his forefinger of his left hand move slowly across the stone and as he did this the shape that he traced I felt burn deep within my mind. When he had finished I knew that Enlil was in my heart, I was his.

My friend Gilga changed before my eyes, his death receded like the waters of the river. In moments he had returned to me, passing the flat stone to me he said "Do not ever lose it or you will lose me again."

I will protect my friend forever.

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